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Are you looking for Run-Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Originally reserved only for VIPs and dignitaries, run-flats started selling in significant numbers starting in the mid-1970s. The major advantage of this type of tyres is that they can keep running even after sustaining a puncture. Most models can cover a distance of 50 miles at a limited speed of up to 50 mph even with a flat.

At Auto Trade Tyres Ltd., we sell a wide range of run-flat tyres Southampton. They are sourced from the largest and most renowned brands across the world. Each unit we retail comes with its genuine EU tyre label affixed.


Why opt for run-flats Southampton?

Several passenger cars sold by prestigious giants like BMW come equipped with run-flat units as a standard. You should not replace them with ordinary summer or winter tyres unless the vehicle’s manufacturer gives it as an option. Otherwise, this change may compromise your safety and vehicle handling. So please check before you go for new tyres.

Two reasons are at play here:

  • All run-flat tyres Southampton have greatly reinforced and stiff sidewalls. If you replace these with standard tyres, you will find that handling the car becomes different.
  • If you use standard tyres Southampton on cars that were designed to use RFs, you have to carry a spear tyre/wheel in case of a puncture. Vehicles that are meant to use Rft tyres do not come with spares.

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