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At Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. , we stock a comprehensive inventory of car tyres Southampton for your convenience. You can buy tyres online from our website and book a fitting appointment, or you can come down to our facility to purchase an ideal set for your vehicle.


Types of car tyres at our facility

  • Summer Tyres - Summer tyres are manufactured with specialised hard rubber compounds, perfect for use when the temperature goes above 7°C. These units are fuel-efficient and ensure improved traction and hydroplaning resistance
  • Winter Tyres - These car tyres Southampton are made up of soft rubber compounds and have higher natural rubber content that keep them supple when temperatures drop below 7°C. Such units offer enhanced grip on icy, slippery surfaces.
  • All-season Tyres - Manufactured with the perfect blend of summer and winter tyre technologies, you can expect excellent round-the-year performance with these products.
  • 4x4 Tyres -These tyres are specifically built for SUVs. With an aggressive tread design, they offer efficient traction and control on rough surfaces and uneven terrain. The treads of 4x4 tyres have increased depth and also feature wider gaps for efficient control on muddy roads. Further, 4X4 units come with strong reinforced walls which further add to their performance. You will find many different kinds of 4x4 tyres in our inventory for different purposes and every budget
  • Performance Tyres -If matchless handling, traction and cornering precision are what you seek, these tyres Southampton are the ideal companion for your high-end performance vehicles.
  • Run-flat Tyres - Adding a safety layer to your driving experience, run-flats allow you to continue driving up to a certain distance even with a flat.

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