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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop is one of the few iconic tyre manufacturers that originated in the United Kingdom. Now more than 120 years old, the company’s ownership has been divided and subdivided several times, and Dunlop tyres are today sold by several different entities in separate locations.

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Why are Dunlop tyres so popular?

According to several independent surveys and original research, it has been observed that Dunlop remains among the top 10 brands of car tyres Southampton with excellent brand loyalty and recall value across this country.

Whether a survey group involves millennials or Gen-X, Dunlop tyres Southampton still retain a significant edge over several rival brands despite their chequered history.

Here are 3 reasons why.

  • Superior R&D: Dunlop invests heavily on research and development of modern car tyre technologies. A major portion of its revenues are pumped into this division, leading to improved and more capable models being introduced with each passing year.
  • Stable supply chain: While its ownership may be distributed among several large corporations, it has led to a fortuitous advantage. Dunlop’s products are sold with virtually zero supply hitches since each major market is controlled by an owner of this brand.
  • A large variety of tyres: Dunlop was one of the few companies which realised the importance of aesthetics in their designs. Whenever you buy Dunlop tyres Southampton, you are effectively adding an extra hint of panache to your car.

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