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Do you find it difficult to decipher the alphanumeric code on a tyre’s sidewall? On this page our experts at Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. will help you read and understand the tyre size numbers and letters.

At our garage, we stock a wide range of car tyres Southampton, suitable for cars/vans of any model and make. You can easily book them online or by visiting our facility to make your purchase. But before that, we recommend you keep reading to know more about tyre sizes.


Why is the correct tyre size important?

Every car is designed and engineered with a particular framework and specification. Manufacturers invest considerable time to decide the rim size and tyre fitment that can perfectly tune with the suspension to offer stability and comfort.

Hence, fitting incorrectly sized tyres can compromise the overall performance of your car – and your safety. Consult our industry experts at Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. and grab the ideal set of car tyres Southampton.

Decoding tyre size

Let us take an example – 205/55/R16 – to understand what the alphanumeric code actually means.

  • The first 3 numbers, 205, represents the section width of the tyre and is measured in millimetres.
  • The following 2 numbers signify that this particular tyre has an aspect ratio of 55.
  • The letter ‘R’ represents that it is a radial tyre.
  • The last 2 numbers indicate that the rim diameter is 16 inches.

Still not sure?

Why not try our accurate tyre configuration on our website?

Just type in your car’s reg. Number. The accurate tyre size will show plus all the tyres we have to offer in this size.

Should you have any other questions or need help deciding which tyres to buy, please call us on 02380 335470 or come to us.

If you are looking for “tyres near me”, you can stop searching. Auto Trade Tyres will ensure both comfort and safety.

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