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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


Simply put, a car winter check is a thorough and professional inspection of some of its parts to ensure that your driving experience during the darker and colder months is not hampered. It also offers protection against sudden breakdowns, which can sometimes spell serious but avoidable trouble.

Bring your car to Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. for a comprehensive car winter check Southampton.

Components of our winter check

At Auto Trade Tyres Ltd., we follow these basics for a car winter check Southampton.

    • Tyre inspection : We start with the most obvious element: your car’s tyres. We check their tread depth, air pressure as recommended by the car manufacturer, TPMS sensors and whether there are debris lodged in the exteriors.
    • Battery check : We will ensure that your car’s battery is charging properly via its alternator, that its voltage output is in order and that the battery casing is solid and without any visible damage.
    • Coolant and antifreeze checks : Our winter check will ensure that both levels are at optimal and operational ones. Note that we will also replenish or top-up the levels if we find that the antifreeze or coolant is below manufacturer-recommended levels.
    • Checking all external lights : In our car winter check Southampton, we will also check for broken lights and replace them if need be.

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