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The concept of labelling tyres emerged early in the 1990s to ensure that all tyres sold in Europe conformed to accepted norms on 3 grounds:

  • Wet grip.
  • Rolling resistance and fuel efficiency, and,
  • Noise emission.

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Decoding the EU tyre label

  • Wet Grip
  • Reputed brands sell models with adequate wet grip that is a crucial metric of their safety. Wet grip is rated from ‘A’ to ‘G’.

    Whenever you are buying car tyres Southampton from Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. , ensure that you purchase units which have grades closer to ‘A’. Models with high wet grip are often a bit more expensive; however, they also provide impeccable safety.

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • It is perhaps the most critical metric that is measured. It is also denoted on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘G.’ Models from category ‘A’ consume the least amount of fuel every kilometre you drive; units with grades of ‘D’ and above consume more fuel.

  • Noise Emission
  • The EU tyre label denotes noise emission with 3 black waves. Any tyre which has a single wave has the lowest decibel rating, between 67 and 71.

    Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. stores many different brands of tyres with varying noise ratings. We will ensure you get quality products at the best prices. You can buy your new tyres online or in-store from us.

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