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Are you looking for Car Battery for your vehicle?

Batteries service

An optimally working car battery starts the ignition system as well as powers all the electronic units in a vehicle. With a malfunctioning battery, you will not be able to start your car or use windscreen wipers or anything that requires electricity.

In most cases, as batteries die slowly, they exhibit specific symptoms beforehand, which car-owners should not avoid.

The underlying reasons for a failing car battery could be many but finding out the exact one demands a lot of expertise. Therefore, if you are looking for a thorough inspection or replacement of car battery Southampton, you can visit Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. We stock a wide range of car batteries and offer professional guidance and help regarding any battery-related issue.

When do you need car battery replacement Southampton?

  • Slow engine crank : One of the tell-tale symptoms of a malfunctioning battery is a slow engine crank. If the battery is near the end of its service life, your car engine will take longer than usual to start
  • Dim headlights : If you notice that your car headlights are weaker than usual, it is a clear indication that the battery is failing. We recommend you to immediately opt for car battery replacement Southampton at Auto Trade Tyres Ltd.
  • Various malfunctioning electrical components : A faulty battery will be unable to provide sufficient power to car components, including radio, windscreen wipers etc.
  • Foul odour : Do you perceive an offensive rotten egg odour on opening your vehicle’s bonnet? Take the cue and opt for professional services at the earliest to avoid further issues.
  • Swollen battery case : Extremes of temperatures can result in a bloated battery case. It’s a clear evidence of an impending battery failure, and you have no other option but to replace the unit altogether

Apart from these, corroded battery terminals or frequent engine misfires are a clear indication that your car batteries are failing.

Browsing the internet for “battery repairing services near me”?

Conclude your search with Auto Trade Tyres Ltd.

We are your one-stop solution for exceptional battery checks and diagnosis to uncover any underlying performance issue. If necessary, our technicians will replace the damaged units with OE-grade spares available at our website.

Please call us on 02380 335470 for any further query. You can also feel free to visit our service station at Unit 27-29 Mount Pleasant Industrial, Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0SP during business hours.

Our expert team will be more than delighted to help you out.

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