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According to a Bridgestone study conducted in 2018, about 3/4th of the car accidents due to tyre failure could be prevented with routine maintenance checks!

That's right! A five-minute inspection of the tyres installed on your vehicle can keep you from being in an accident. A set of tyres in top condition is crucial for responsive steering and braking, especially on wet roads.

A free tyre check Southampton at Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. can reduce the risk of on-road mishaps. It may also keep you from a £2500 fine and penalty points imposed because of driving on defective tyres.

What does Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. recommend checking?

While it may be impractical to check the tyre condition before every journey, here are some pointers that our in-house tyre experts recommend.

  • Car owners should check the tyre pressure at least once every two weeks. Additionally, keep an eye out on the TPMS warning light on the car dashboard, and drive down to our facility at once if you notice it blinking.
  • At least once a week, check the tyre treads for any sign of wear. These include cuts or cracks, punctures, stuck debris, etc. If you do not feel confident removing these by yourself, our experts will take care of it during our free tyre check Southampton.
  • The legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, and drivers should ideally swap to a new set when it goes below 3mm.

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If you observe bald spots on your car tyres and in case the tread depth is under the legal limit, our technicians will recommend a new set based on your vehicle make and model, driving requirements and budget.

For a free tyre check Southampton , please come to us at Unit 27-29 Mount Pleasant Industrial, Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0SP.

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