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The United Kingdom tries to ensure its roads are driver and pedestrian-friendly and takes active measures to curb on-road incidents which could lead to fatalities. Studies have shown that poorly maintained cars are one of the primary reasons behind accidents. Further insights reveal that misaligned wheels are particularly dangerous.

If you live in or around Southampton or the County of Hampshire, you can trust us - Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. for the most professional and precise wheel alignment Southampton.

We are one of the most renowned car tyre garages in the area, and we have both the personnel and the technology to guarantee first-class services.

At Auto Trade Tyres Ltd., we provide laser wheel alignment with the best equipment available in the market.

What is laser wheel alignment?

Unlike the traditional systems of aligning a vehicle’s wheels, this technology takes much less time and offers superior results. Over time, we have mastered this technique, which has earned us the sobriquet of a trusted wheel alignment garage Southampton.

Our technicians will first affix brackets to your car’s tyres to hold them in place. A very bright light is projected from above, while a computer determines which wheels are misaligned and to what extent.

The process also quickly and precisely compares the existing alignment angles to your car manufacturer’s recommended parameters. This can be of further help if you are a regular client, as data from your previous visits and sessions will be on our records.

That way, we can identify particular points of recurring problems and take preventive action.

Which wheel angles are checked?

A computerised laser wheel alignment Southampton can determine the following wheel angles of your car:

  • Camber (negative and positive camber) : The angle of the vehicle’s wheels with respect to each other when seen from the front is called Camber.
  • Caster (positive and negative caster) : This refers to the slope of the steering axis.
  • Toe (toe-in and toe-out) : Toe refers to the angle of the wheels with respect to each other when observed from a bird’s-eye-view.

Every make and model of passenger cars has specialised wheel angle measurements, and we use modern laser alignment machines that perfectly ‘correct’ any misalignment.

Why is wheel alignment necessary?

There are several vital reasons why you should periodically get your car inspected for both wheel balancing and alignment. In our experience, many car owners confuse these terms; they are very different techniques with varying symptoms.

Some advantages of a professional wheel alignment Southampton are:

  • Greater control over your car : Misaligned wheels can make it rather difficult to drive, especially during rush hours. Southampton is merely 110 km from London, and there is a steady flow of traffic. It is imperative that you have as much control over your car as possible.
  • Superior mileage : One element common to both wheel balancing and alignment is the post-process rise in mileage. You will save a lot more on fuel if you align your vehicle’s wheels periodically.
  • Enhanced on-road safety: Cars that are well-maintained with routine wheel alignment Southampton have lower odds of getting into accidents.

Avail the best laser wheel alignment in Southampton

If you have been searching for a trustworthy ‘wheel alignment garage near me’, and if you live in Hampshire or the surrounding Counties, we ask you to try out our services.

You can rely on Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. for a wide palette of tyre-related services.

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