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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Balancing your car’s wheels routinely should be on your ‘To-Do’ list if you seek the maximum performance out of your vehicle. Wheel imbalance is caused by a multitude of factors which are detailed below.

To improve your car’s mileage, driving comfort, handling and resale value, you must contact Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. for professional car wheel balancing Southampton . We have the knowhow and the technology required to complete this process in record time successfully.

When should you opt for wheel balancing?

It is essential to understand and detect the most typical symptoms of unbalanced wheels.

If you are unsure, you can always come down to our facility which is widely recognised as a reliable wheel balancing garage Southampton.

Else, please call us on 02380 335470 for any query.

You must opt for wheel balancing services under the following circumstances.

  • Whenever you replace tyres or while re-fitting repaired units.
  • Balancing weights fall off or are otherwise damaged during daily commutes.
  • If you have just purchased a brand-new set of tyres, car wheel balancing Southampton is indispensable.
  • Have you noticed a rapid plunge in your car’s mileage? It can be caused by several factors; one of them is improper wheel balancing. Bring your car to Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. immediately so that we can eliminate any other causative factor/s and focus on balancing and aligning your car’s wheels.

Note that wheel balancing and alignment are 2 different operations, each indicated by different sets of problems. Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. is a master in both of these services!

  • If the floorboards and the steering wheel and column start vibrating, it is a dead giveaway that a visit to the leading wheel balancing garage Southampton is urgent.

Why should you rely on us?

Thanks to our superior quality of services, we have managed to retain a substantial pool of loyal patrons who can always depend on us.

Here are 3 reasons why Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. is your best bet for car wheel balancing Southampton:

  • We only use non-polluting bang-on or adhesive weights for eco-friendly balancing operations.
  • We use the latest electronic balancing machines for your benefit.

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If you are still scouring through the scores of results churned out when you ask your smartphone to guide you to the best ‘wheel balancing garage near me’, perhaps it is time to stop and visit our facility.

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