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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?


It is essential to check the condition of your vehicle’s tyres regularly to make sure there is no damage, the tread is still sufficient and the tyre pressure is right.

But even if your tyres are brand new, damage like punctures can happen at any time.

This does not necessarily mean you have to replace it. In many cases, a tyre repair is possible at very little cost.

Here at Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. We have an outstanding reputation when it comes to the most efficient tyre repair Southampton.

What are the different types of tyre repair Southampton?

There are mainly three types of tyre repairs:

  • Plugging : This is the fastest way to repair a flat tyre. A small piece of leather with a distinct adhesive coating is pushed into the hole. Then, this adhesive solidifies into a permanent seal owing to the heat generated while driving.
  • Patching : Patching is another tyre repair technique which involves sticking an adhesive-coated square piece of rubber to the interior of the tyre.
  • A combination of plug and patch : This is the most efficient tyre repair technique. A rubber patch with a stem is inserted into the tyre, and the short tail-like end is utilised to plug the gap.

Backed by years of experience, our technicians are adept at all types of tyre repairs Southampton.

Can all damaged tyres be repaired?

Unfortunately tyres with a damaged sidewall or bulges showing, tyres with extensive wear, a damaged area wider than 6mm or tyres which have been previously repaired with a DIY kit cannot be repaired. Run flat tyres cannot be repaired either as they change their structure after a puncture occurs.

In such cases, the tyre has to be replaced.

Here at Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. We carry out puncture repairs Southampton without making any compromises on your safety!

You can now be assured that your search for “tyre repair near me” is finally over. Drive down to our facility for a rapid solution. Visit us at Unit 27-29 Mount Pleasant Industrial, Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0SP.

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