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Falken Tyres

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a Japanese company, launched Falken in 1983, and by 1988, it was already a part of the North American automobile market. This brand mainly manufactures tyres for passenger cars, light trucks and medium trucks, but it has an impressive range of SUV units as well.

It is now a stand-alone company that puts its entire focus on UPH (Ultra-High-Performance) units. If you want to fit these Falken tyres Southampton on your car, come to Auto Trade Tyres Ltd.

Some of the top-notch Falken car tyres Southampton you will get at our garage are:

  • Euroall Season AS200

This 2013 Auto Bild Test winner stands out for its remarkable tread pattern. It features 4 broad grooves that efficiently disperse water to improve aquaplaning resistance. The tyre’s broad structure enhances its traction on both dry and snowy roads and shortens braking distances as well.

  • Sincera SN832 Ecorun

These car tyres Southampton feature a 4 rib tread pattern that enhances their wet and dry handling as well as provides impressive aquaplaning resistance.

Perfect for the humid months of the year, these tyres were developed after ample research and analysis. The Ecorun label represents that they offer decreased rolling resistance that helps to reduce fuel consumption, making them the ultimate economical units.

At our facility, you will find several other models at competitive prices.

So, waste no time in searching “tyres near me.”

If you wish, you can book a set of tyres online and fix a fitting appointment at the same time.

You can also buy over the phone or while visiting our tyre service station - Auto Trade Tyres Ltd. - to buy Falken tyres Southampton.

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